Being an athlete in no walk in the park. Whether you are an avid professional or a once-in-a-while team player, any high intensity impact on the body will cause subluxations, where two or more vertebral segments lose their normal motion or position.


When the spine is not allowed to bend, twist and move freely it compromises nerve flow to important organs, muscles and cells.

To an athlete this may be presented as slower reaction time, worsened coordination and balance, less accurate and precise movements, and uneven muscle contraction.

In the presence of a subluxation, a viscious cycle of scar tissue formation sets in, where you develop scar tissue around the joints, which leads to more scar tissue formation. This cycle continues as long as immobilization is present.

By correcting the subluxation, you enhance and optimize your spinal health and function. You will be able to play better, prevent future injuries, and heal both old and new injuries faster.