Pregnancy is an amazing event yet it can be very tolling on your body. Many changes occur to your body that can be uncomfortable, however it is made to adapt and transform.

pregnant lady

As your baby starts to grow, your uterus expands and changes positions. The uterus is anchored into the pelvis by way of uterine ligaments. These ligaments attach from the pelvis and can be restrictive if the pelvis is misaligned.

Pelvic alignment is very important during pregnancy because it can influence the position of the uterus and thus, the space made available for the growing fetus. Inter uterine constraint occurs when the pelvis is misaligned and the uterine ligaments become tight, restricting the position of the uterus.

A growing baby requires ample space to move and stretch their little arms and legs, their muscles, nerves, and bones because they are developing so any limitations in the amount of room can impose neurological and physical challenges on the fetus.

At Living Roots Chiropractic, we are certified in the Webster Technique which allows for pelvic alignment during pregnancy and reduces inter uterine constraint on the baby.

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