Chiropractic care is safe and effective for the whole family, especially kids! Many of the spinal issues that adults present with actually can start in childhood. The birthing process can be traumatic for mom and baby especially considering the delicate spine of the infant. The forces used to push the baby out during delivery, even in natural births, create rotation and torque in the spine of a baby, especially in the neck region. Not to mention the use of vacuum suction or other medical interventions that further create spinal pressures on the tiny nerves and can present with nervous system dysfunction.

kid 1

Your baby’s nervous system, in other words the baby’s brain and spinal cord, is responsible for communicating signals from the brain to their developing organs and vice versa. Majority of the neurological development occurs in the child’s first year of life. When these signals are disrupted, the balance of your child’s system can be thrown off and disorders can develop. Often many of the childhood ailments can be traced to interruptions in the child’s nervous system.

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Most kids live a fairly active life style- from crawling around the floor to playing school sports to gymnastics! The inevitable bump and falls can leave your child’s spine off balance and their joints stressed. These stresses can create biomechanical disruptions along the kinetic chain of the spine from the pelvis and even into the knees and feet. These breaks in the kinetic chain can present as misalignments in the spine, and manifest as abnormal soft tissue. It is very important to ensure that the nerves that exit the spine are not being compressed during this critical developmental stage. Make sure your baby has every opportunity to optimize his/her nerve function.