Chiropractic care is safe and effective for all members of the family. At Living Roots Chiropractic, we see everyone from new born babies to grandparents.


Having proper alignment of the spine is essential for all members of your family. Your children require check ups to ensure that their developing nervous systems are free from interference while going through the growing process. Unavoidable bumps and falls can create rotations in the spine and joints of the body as well as muscle spasms and other soft tissue traumas. These injuries, though they seem small can create what is called a Subluxation. A subluxation is abnormal nerve function due to spinal joint abnormality- basically the joints in the spine are stuck in the wrong place and/or the surrounding tissues become tight so much that the nerve that exits the spine at that level becomes compressed to some degree. Nerves are very sensitive to compression! Once a nerve gets compressed, it starts to malfunction.

Your nerves are so important! They relay information from your brain to your body and vice versa. Having healthy nerves will allow the body function optimally!

Even adults need to have their spine checked too! Spinal stress due to work is a common occurrence. Chances are that your posture while at the computer is not the best! Often neck pain, shoulder tension, mid back pain, low back pain and headaches occur from bad posture. Over time, this posture creates muscle patterns that further distort your alignment and create locking up of your neck joints.

If you have noticed a loss in your normal range of motion in your spine, chances are that you have a rotation and the misaligned vertebra is stuck in this position. When a joint becomes stuck, the surrounding tissues become irritated and the inflammation process starts. Inflammation of a joint, also known as arthritis, creates joint destruction over time and possible fusion if left untreated.

But there is good news! Getting your spine checked and adjusted helps restore normal range of motion in the joints! Once the joint is allowed to move freely, inflammation goes down and the corresponding nerves that exit the spine are free from compression and able to function properly.